Making Home Made Deep Freezer Strawberry Marmalade

By | March 25, 2017

The summertime is here again and now is the time to fill the freezer with wonderful home made marmalade jars. To conserve some time this year I purchased the strawberries in a nearby marketplace as opposed to picking them myself.

Making home made deep freezer marmalade isn’t hard as well as the effect is worth the moment you require creating it. When making your personal marmalade you’re in complete charge of that which you place in your marmalade and also you will control the level of sugar at the same time. This leaves you with a considerably fitter marmalade than the after you purchase in the food stores table top freezer.

You just need several ingredients to create marmalade; strawberries, sugar and pectin. I take advantage of Certo pectin, but select a pectin merchandise accessible locally. Simply be sure it’s for freezing marmalade. Strategy just how much marmalade you would like to make and compute just how much of the fixings you need-based on that. Be sure to have enough of every thing – working out of sugar if you have one kilo of berries left could be very annoying.

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Moreover you’ll need jars to put away your marmalade in. Don’t use too-large jars as the marmalade just keeps for a few days in the refrigerator after it’s defrosted. You’ll require a big container which fits a minumum of one kilo of berries. I take advantage of a sizable plastic bowl. Then you’ll need a mixer to blend together the ingredients. It’s possible for you to utilize a food processor in the event that you enjoy. You are going to additionally desire a fat to weigh the berries and also the sugar, along with a big spoonful to place the marmalade into the eyeglasses.

Afterward I place them upsidedown on the dining table together with a table-cloth to to operate of although I skin the berries.

Take away the green stalk and cut of any ruined areas having a sharp knife.

Add pectin. Take advantage of your knife and cut to the berries to break up them in smaller bits. Afterward blend attentively before you get the consistency you enjoy. I combine in the bottom speed for around 5 minutes.